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Still need help? Let one of our condom and safer sex experts help you out! We have been the "friend in the business" for nearly 20 years to hundreds of thousands of customers.

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Twenty years ago, when the eco-home products company Seventh Generation was in its heyday, co-founder and then-CEO Jeffrey Hollender trademarked the name Rainforest Rubbers, assuming that, as with cleaning and parenting products, people would be into sustainably-produced condoms. Their Sustain Natural condoms brand, which has been on the market for just a year and a half, is one of a handful of eco- and body-friendly condom brands that have cropped up in recent years. The new wave of condoms include brands that take a more hipster, less macho tack to advertising, one that delivers condoms by bike and one that named their company after unicorns, for example.

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Your sex life might not be the first or even second thing that comes to mind when considering your environmental impact but as your dating apps could tell you, a little bit of hard work or swiping pays off. Making your sex life more environmentally friendly is more fun than taking out the recycling, and both you and environment get to enjoy the payoff. Related Eco-friendly sex life: are condoms good for the environment?

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So reads the lead for the condom site page on Vegan dot com because, yes, your sexual escapades can also be environmentally friendly, don't you know? If you aren't really one to consider your conscious, eco-friendly decisions while getting down to it in the bedroom, don't worry because we generally aren't either. You get in, you protect yourself, you get out and hope that everybody had a nice enough time while they were at it. Saving the world generally isn't much of a concern but hey, for some people it is - and good for them, they're doing a whole lot better than the rest of us.

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Having sex with someone you love and care for is fun, it feels good right? But did you know a lot of the lubricants, condoms and even sex toys are made with petroleum-based chemicals and materials? But I am going to talk about everything else.

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In past months, President-elect Donald Trump has given America some insight into how he will handle environmental issues over the course of the next four years. Trump has also chosen Rick Perry as his pick for Secretary of Energy, even though Perry once said he would dismantle the very department he has been picked to lead. Oh, and Trump himself once said climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

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Green is the new black. Londoners are shunning plastic bottles, cutting down on household waste, composting and cleaning the house with soda crystals and white vinegar. Gwyneth Paltrow might have been overdoing it when she suggested steam-cleaning our vaginas but she has continued her quest to look after lady parts and started selling non-toxic lubricant on Goop.

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Condoms protect against pregnancy and many STIsare relatively inexpensive, easily accessible, and are one of the only forms of birth control that people with penises have direct control over. As humans are the number one threat to environment, preventing unplanned pregnancies is definitely environmentally friendly. In order to get the latex as thin and comfy as possible, condom manufacturers put a whole bunch of other chemicals and products in them. That means, unfortunately, that your latex condom is not biodegradable.

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Lauren Singer is a zero-waste blogger based in New York City. Instead, she proudly displays it in a glass jar. Or are zero-wasters too busy for sex, what with all that recycling and making their own toothpaste?

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Like all of our other choices in consumerist society, the love that we make the sorts of physical expressions that we share with people and any accessories that we might use along the way can either make love or war with our bodies and the planet. So, how can you make your sex life Life-friendly? Well, long ago, Greenpeace touched-in on this touchy subject.


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