Escort overheating

We have a new rad, thermostat, flushed entire system several times. Just finished putting in new head gasket, took me two days. Still exact same symptoms.

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Search your problem. See more. Thermostat Overheating Heater.

Get the Car Talk Newsletter. Dear Tom and Ray: I have a Escort LX hatchback that runs hot when sitting in slow traffic or at an extended stoplight. It has never overheated, but merely moves into the high range.

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Log in or Sign up. DIYnot Forums. There were no apparent problems with the car except that the blowers did not blow hot air when the heating was on.

Today on my way home from work my car started overheating there's no water leaking anywhere the heater blows hot why would it be overheating. A dirty radiator is one possibility. A bad thermostat, non functioning cooling fan or water pump can also cause over heating.

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I have ford escort car. AbelM answered 3 years ago. Get your car checked for leaks in the cooling system once you know there are no leaks check the thermostat, check that its still good working condition. Also have your water pump checked, then do a flush of the cooling system, its easy you can do it your self there awesome videos on YouTube i recommend checking out chrisfixit on YouTube.

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Automotive Forums. Not sure what else to do. Escort overheating.

I have a S Escort 1. I was travelling up the M1 the other day, in the middle of the heat wave, and my car started to lose power. The accelerator made no difference. When i released the accelerator and depressed it again i just got a small knocking sound from the engine bay.


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